Keep Print Costs Reasonable!

So you have a print ready file but you’re not certain of the production specs. Sure, you know the finished size but what paper stock will you print on? Would you like to print digitally or offset? Will there be a spot UV anywhere? What about aqueous coating? C2S or non-coated stock? Etc… The answers to these questions can give you a wide range of print costs, not to mention drastically affect the final look and feel of your piece.

Most print buyers have the same production goal. They would like their piece to look the best it can while staying within a reasonable budget. This is absolutely attainable if you keep a few things in mind. First, know your budget. Production costs can quickly escalate with a few bells and whistles. Make sure you are asking for suggestions that can reduce the overall cost of your print job, and if you’re looking for cost-effective solutions, our Print Management Services can guide you.Second, make sure you price out Digital as well as Offset production. Generally speaking offset is cost effective for large runs and digital for smaller runs. However, there is some crossover and it’s a good idea to price out both to make sure you are getting the lowest production cost. Lastly, consider the distribution rate for your print item. Make sure to print enough to fill the distribution requirements. The last thing you want is to run out of stock and be forced to print a smaller quantity at a higher cost per unit. A good idea is to always print a few more than you think you will need, taking advantage of the lower cost per unit. For efficient distribution, consider leveraging our Collateral Distribution Services.

While there are other things to keep in mind, these 3 suggestions should be top priority. Make sure you ask questions and shop around for the best deals. Have more questions? Call us at 972-661-9899 and we‘ll walk you through your next project.

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