Let’s Check One More Time

Print-Ready Artwork and Proofs. These are two moments in a project timeline where mistakes can be discovered and fixed. At Accelerateprint, we make sure you understand the importance of these moments and do everything we can to help you make the right decision. While ultimate approval of the proof or artwork is up to you, we will put some eyes on it as well, in case we see something you do not.

Recently, we were asked to produce custom packaging for a new product launch. Artwork was provided by the customer and a proof was generated. After receiving final approval on the proof, we checked it one more time and noticed something big – the logo was upside down and in the wrong location! We walked the customer through our discovery, altered the artwork, ran another proof and went to production. The final result was fantastic!

As we researched how this could have happened, we discovered that the error began in the original artwork. While we wished we would have caught this mistake earlier in the process, it was a reminder to double and triple check everything before we go to press. Had we not caught this mistake, our customer would have been saddled with thousands of incorrect boxes, a delay in their new product launch and a whole host of other issues. This was truly a case in which our expert knowledge and attention to detail helped to make this project successful for our customer.

So don’t be surprised when we say, “let’s check one more time.” We’ll do all we can to ensure a smooth and accurate print process. So Call us to see how we can assist in your next project.

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