Wanna Simplify Print and Fulfillment? Try an e-Store.

After 25 years, we’re no stranger to the demands placed on marketing teams to keep up with print and fulfillment duties. On the print side, there’s the struggle to find reliable print partners capable of producing wonderful graphics and accurate, on-time delivery. On the fulfillment side, is the constant inflow of requests for collateral at all times of the day from all areas on the map. Add typical marketing duties to this and you have a real problem. If the sentences above strike a cord, it may be time for you try a company e-Store.

Key Features and an Example

A corporate e-Store allows your marketing team to digitally monitor supplies of collateral while at the same time, allowing reps to place orders for the material they need. For example, let’s say you have a total of 25 items on your store ranging from promotional polo’s to product catalogs. A sales rep in another state accesses the store with a secure login, sees the items he needs, and places the order with shipping instructions. The order is directed to our warehouse where we follow his instructions and get his shipment on it’s way. You’re Cc’d on the order for your records and that’s that! No more need to store, monitor, and ship. It’s all done right here.

Of course there are many other features of an e-Store. Re-order alerts that notify you when supply of a certain marketing piece is running low. Quick access to archived files of past campaigns and slogans. And detailed inventory reports for accounting and management purposes. All of these and more are aimed to simplify the tedious tasks of managing print and fulfillment. Sound like a solution you’d like to hear more about? If you’re looking to expand your brand’s reach, consider our creative services for innovative designs. Or if you’re in need of high-quality prints, explore our range of print services. Call us at 972-661-9899 to see how we can customize an e-Store to fit your needs.

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