— We all want to provide secure communications with our customers. Our document delivery services will do just that!

Document Delivery

Safe and Secure Document Delivery

In this day and age everyone is worried about digital security and, let’s face it, our personal information is everywhere. So when sending critical documents to customers such as invoices, statements, memos, etc. be sure to partner with a service that can safely send these documents and provide your customers with peace of mind.


Our electronic delivery methods are increasingly popular, and why not, securely distributing sensitive information is vital. Furthermore, our services can help to streamline A/R tasks by emailing critical documents directly to the designated person, online acceptance of payments, and electronic archiving of all your AR information for quick access and reporting. Call us for a demonstration at 972-661-9899.

  • Statements


  • Consumer billing

    Consumer billing

  • Personalized documents

    Personalized documents

  • Marketing campaigns

    Marketing campaigns

  • Personalized Correspondances

    Personalized Correspondances

  • Customer loyalty programs

    Customer loyalty programs

  • Claims/Remittances


  • Enrollment Materials

    Enrollment Materials

  • Provider Correspondence

    Provider Correspondence

  • Explanation of Benefits

    Explanation of Benefits

  • Newsletters


  • Membership Card Fulfillment

    Membership Card Fulfillment

  • Collections


  • Admissions Kits

    Admissions Kits

  • PCI and HIPAA-compliant security

    PCI and HIPAA-compliant security

  • Selective marketing messaging/inserting

    Selective marketing messaging/inserting

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Printing Services

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