— Case Study


How The Cheesiest Sales Incentive Campaign Produced Results. (And during a recession, no less!)

  • Problem


    Time Warner Cable Business Class needed to quickly implement an internal sales-force incentive campaign. It was titled “The Big Cheese Contest” and consisted of a 3-dimentional teaser mailer and announcement posters. It also created a unique trophy design that symbolized The Big Cheese and could be added to each month that a sales member exceeded their quota.

  • Solution


    Accelerateprint was able to implement the teaser campaign by building a 3-dimentional mailer by sourcing rattraps, boxes and digitally printing stickers. It was then sent to all 150 members of the sales team. Next, we helped create a cost-effective design for the trophy by altering an existing trophy and adding a cheese wedge that became the symbol for the Big Cheese Award. These cheese wedges also serve as a continuation of the contest, so now the salesmen can collect a wedge every month they exceed their quota.

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