Yes, there is a better way!

If you’re spending over 100K a year on print marketing material then you’re probably aware of the difficulties that come with managing it. Finding the right printer for each piece, organizing timelines and artwork, storage and distribution to your team in the field… it’s almost a full time job. As print marketing re-emerges as an effective way to communicate, take the opportunity to find a printer that has evolved into a print marketing expert!

Print Marketing Service companies are formed to focus solely on the print and fulfillment needs of marketing organizations. They offer unlimited production capabilities, expert advice for marketing material, and automated platforms to streamline the entire process. What does this mean for marketing organizations?

Printing Consolidation

By partnering with a print marketing services company, you no longer have to look for multiple printers to meet your needs. All items can be printed in one place resulting in more consistent, effective messaging. Consolidation will also lead to lower production costs through higher volume.

Outsourced Storage and Fulfillment

With environmentally controlled storage space there is no need to deliver your finished pieces to your office. We will properly store and ship your materials when orders come in. No more time consuming shipping duties for you, that’s on us now.

Technology to tie it all together

An automated, online e-Store allows designated personnel to order marketing materials for their various needs. No more having to field orders, then count out catalogs or USB drives. The order simply comes in, we pick, pack, and ship – that’s it! And of course there are security measures, reports, re-order notifications, etc. Rest assured, we’ll customize your store to meet your needs.

So if you haven’t explored a print marketing services company, give them try. Or, better yet, just call us at 972-661-9899 and we’ll go into more detail about how our services can maximize return on your print marketing spend.

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