Our Comprehensive Print Management Services Kicker – An E-Store!

Close your eyes and imagine a world where sales and marketing collateral requests are captured, processed and fulfilled in one easy to use online tool. Are you picturing it? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now open your eyes and take a look at your very own Corporate E-store.

The online e-store centralizes companywide requests for collateral. An employee simply logs in, orders the items they need, chooses shipping location and checks out. That’s it! Once the order is placed, an email will be sent to the appropriate parties and fulfillment will take place either from our distribution facility or yours – It’s up to you.

Let me quickly share a recent e-store success story. Company ABC had sales reps all over the US. These reps were dependent on utilizing high end marketing material as a means to secure current and new business. Headquarters was printing in bulk and shipping out as needed. Problems began occurring when the fulfillment team was unable to properly facilitate each request due to the volume and manner in which requests were being submitted. This led to incorrect or late shipments, inability to properly monitor inventory, and poor tracking of who was receiving what. Not to mention lost sales and headaches galore. This company was in a real jam and needed a solution quick. We met with them and quickly implemented an e-store with fulfillment services. After a quick but thorough implementation including training for the sales team and the admin team, we went live. Orders poured in to our distribution team and shipped on time and while Company ABC was no longer fulfilling orders, they were able to see all orders and inventory levels through comprehensive reporting generated by their new e-store. Sales went higher, inventory was better managed, and the headaches disappeared.

If you have a situation similar to the one above, give us a call. We might be able to take care of your headaches too!

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