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Our Feedback

No problem! You guys always do good work so I have no problem referring you to anyone that expresses a need for a printing company.
Ashle G.
Marketing & Communications Manager 3/16/2018
our big company meeting was earlier this week. I revealed our sales kits (with the folder, brochures and postcards) and everyone loves them! Thanks for a great job!
April D.
Marketing Coordinator 2/10/17
They're GREAT!

Really like them!

Thank you,

Our first report of auction catalog arriving in member's mailbox! Yea!!! I'll let you know about mine when I get home! Many thanks for all your leadership and professionalism.
Hi Chris and Amanda, We received the Guide books here at the Alpha location and they look perfect! Thank you for the short notice and on getting these out to us.
Debora L.
Human Resources 11/1/2017
Thank you all for you involvement and resolution. Have a great day!
Sal S.
Sales Account Manager 10/27/16
Hi Steve, Excellent! Everyone is HAPPY!!
Anita F.
Buyer 6/14/2017
Hey Chris, these look great! You were spot on with how to do the job right. Merci!
Alan D.
Hey there Miracle Worker! We have our books so I’m all set through December! Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll need more before then because we have HUGE registration numbers! : )
Karolyne C. 11/1/2017
I wanted to say “Thank You!” for all your help with your ADA Symposium print items. Everything arrived here safely and all items look great! We appreciate your time and effort. Our symposium is tonight, expecting 400 attendees.
Mark V.
Sr. Continuing Education Coordinator
Love them!!! Thanks so much. All is great.
Senior VP Marketing
Janet W.
Thank you for the letter received in the mail today; it was unexpected and a great touch! Thank you again for everything! People in the office are noticing the brochures and how nice they look.

Audra C. 1/31/17
Just need a good honest company to start this whole thing and continue in the future with more of these campaigns. It sounds so far like that is Presslink.
Casey R.
Owner 9/28/2017
Awesome! I love that you know that before I do!:) Yes, we did get them.
Tatsiana M. 3/19/2018
Thanks to you and everyone involved for your quick turnaround. The materials looked great and I was able to get them to the branches prior to the beginning of the January campaign so they, in turn, could get the materials positioned around their branch. Thank you very much
Darrel S.
Graphic Designer 12/20/2017
That is great news! I can’t even begin to thank you and your team enough. I know I’ve said this over and over again, but I truly appreciate everything. I’ll let them know to expect a delivery this afternoon. Please know that Presslink is truly one of the best vendors and by far the best printer I’ve had the privilege of working with. Thank you again and please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of assistance in any way.
Taryn D.
Marketing Specialist
Thank you so much. We really like working with you guys. We appreciate all your help getting us through the mailing process. Take care.

Mary F.
Graphic Designer 2/17/17
And yet again. I’m indebted to you all!
Shana T.
Senior Manager, Conference & Event Marketing 3/26/2018
If nobody has told you yet today…..THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE OUR HERO!!!
Anita G.
AP 3/1/17
I just opened up the org chart and WE LOVE IT!! My HR Director is very happy with it and I know the leadership team will be as well. Thank you again for your help and great work! I know I’ll be needing an updated chart in the near future so once I have it ready to go I will send it over for processing.
Tammy B.
HR Coordinator 2/21/18

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