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Our Feedback

Everything turned out great, thank you!
Javier T.
Director of Client Services
Thanks so much! I won’t have to lie awake at night stressing!!
Molly K.
Education Coordinator
Hi Larry – yes, they are super great!
Kristen S.
National Marketing Director
Thank you so much for your help with this!
Shaunna C.
Marketing Coordinator 2/15/2018
Hello Steve,

We just received all 7 banners and we are VERY happy with the way they turned out! They actually caught the attention of some others around the office and were wondering if you could provide me with a quote for a one-off banner?

Thanks again for your help, it’s been great working with you.
Jake D.
Marketing Coordinator
We received the posters and they look outstanding! The whole office is in awe. The quality is perfect for what we were looking for.

I’m working on more posters right now so we will have a few more orders for you soon!

Thanks so much!
Jenna Phillips
Graphics Designer
First or all Chris, let me congratulate your Team on the heroic efforts! – this is a really big timeline improvement and your hard work will enable nearly continuous production here in DFW. We await the full details but I can see you have our best interests in mind as we move from ramping up production into driving down COGS. Thanks again,
Marshall W.
You are always very helpful! Have a great weekend, Amanda
Sarah M.
Communications 11/6/2017
thanks so much for taking good care of us
Todd B.
Thank you for your follow up Russell. We thought the quality was very good and we are pleased with it!

We would use your company again for our printing needs.

Thank you,
Leta A.
Thank you for the letter received in the mail today; it was unexpected and a great touch! Thank you again for everything! People in the office are noticing the brochures and how nice they look.

Audra C. 1/31/17
Thank you, Denise. I genuinely appreciate your timely correspondences and task completion
Amber S.
Youth Education Coordinator 4/10/2018
Hi Chris, Hope you are doing well. In attachment you will find a photo of the final end product, it looks really nice!
Joachim L.
Sales Manager
Thank you so much. We really like working with you guys. We appreciate all your help getting us through the mailing process. Take care.

Mary F.
Graphic Designer 2/17/17
YOU are a lifesaver! Please proceed. They look great.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Office Manager
Briana H.
You’re always a joy to work with, Amanda! Thank you for all you do for Stonebriar, we appreciate it so much
Sarah M.
Communications Coordinator 3/27/17
Hi Kris, Thank you so much for dropping everything off! It looks great.
Megan M.
Marketing Manager 6/7/2018
And yet again. I’m indebted to you all!
Shana T.
Senior Manager, Conference & Event Marketing 3/26/2018
Hi Chris and Amanda, We received the Guide books here at the Alpha location and they look perfect! Thank you for the short notice and on getting these out to us.
Debora L.
Human Resources 11/1/2017
Wow. That was so fast! Approved.
Michelle S.
Business Area Specialist

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